God Transforms

To live successfully with others read Romans chapter 12

Sooner or later everyone has a Nellie Oleson in their life. What to do, what to do! Laura recommended Romans 12. Let’s turn there and read the same advice she read. You will see there are three steps involved in allowing God to transform our relationships. http://www.esvbible.org/Romans%2012/ 

1. Before doing anything else we are to present our bodies to God as “living sacrifices.” What does that have to do with living successfully with others? It is saying, I’ll give up what I want to do and do it God’s way, whatever He wants. I’ll sacrifice revenge, I’ll abandon the silent treatment, I’ll forfeit talking about her behind her back.

2. What comes next? Recognize that in the body of Christ (the people who follow Him) we each have different gifts for helping others. It is no good comparing ourselves to someone else. It is no good being proud or jealous or envious. We just do our part faithfully, and cheerfully!

3. Then, as the final step, there are lots of things to do to live successfully with others. Show honor, be patient, pray, bless…

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You might think of those three steps as being connected like this: when we yield to God we are free to accept our gifts. When we accept our gifts we are free to help others. When we help others we are free to love. And that is living successfully with others, so far as it depends on us. And it is a life transformed—yours!

Read Chapter 11, “Miss Wilder Teaches School,” in Little Town on the Prairie. Is it easy to live successfully with others? 

Listen to this song, “Do Something,” by Matthew West. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_RjndG0IX8. Then practice living successfully with your Nellie Oleson.

© Cynthia Einselen 2018