Bring Laura Camp to your neighborhood!

The Laura Camp book includes curriculum for a week of camp but you may choose just the activities that your time and space allows. Curriculum can be used for:

  • vacation Bible school,
  • weekly Bible study,
  • homeschool classes,
  • youth group,
  • day camp, or
  • church camp.

Bring girls together at a church, a log cabin, a dining room table, a tent, or a full-service church camp. Laura Ingalls was comfortable in a variety of settings, and your Laura girls will be, too.

You might start a Laura Camp yourself, help someone else use the material, encourage girls to attend a Laura Camp, or sit down at the table with your own daughters or neices or neighbors and do the Bible study. Please use it so that young women have an opportunity to hear the Gospel, whether for the first time or the tenth. God knows your schedule, your facilities, your resources, and your community. May He bless you and your imagination. 

Curriculum is available.

A week's curriculum is available here for free, The Lord Is My Shepherd, PDF. This curriculum PDF is a gift from one part of the body of Christ to another to use without charge. You are welcome to reproduce parts for your camp use (never charging for the curriculum, of course). If the PDF is too large for you to download you can contact us for a spiral-bound version.

 It contains: 

  • a five day Bible Study with teacher pages and student journal pages, 
  • instructions for pioneer related activities, 
  • suggested chapters to read in the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and 
  • many ideas for setting up a Laura Camp.

And here is the Appendix.

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