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Congratulations on finding this tiny publisher! You are amazing!

And thank you to Lucas. If we hadn’t written a book together, this website wouldn’t be happening right now. 

The book we wrote is called Three AmazingWordsWe hope you like it. And if you would like to order that book, just contact us. 

The rest of the books on this site are available as PDFs. All two of them, the “Laura” Camp curriculum and Lessons from the Lunchroom. You can also order “hold in your hand” copies.

And why is this “” 

Let’s start with the “life” part. Our goal is to hold firmly to Jesus Christ, the Word of Life. He says in John 11:25, “I am the One who brings people back to life, and I am life itself. Those who believe in Me will live even if they die.” 

Now the Snowhill part. Our little place here in the country is called “Snowhill” from a town by that name that existed nearby in the late 1800’s. I like the added imagery of Psalm 51:7; when we have life in Christ He makes our sins white as snow. 

So whatever you call the place you live, we hope you add the .life at the end. 

© Cynthia Einselen 2018