Three Amazing Words

This adventure began for Lucas and me with a Kids Hope connection. For a year and a half we met once a week doing bits of assignments, playing games, doing projects, and eating lunch. And there was this need for handwriting practice, too...

At Christmas time this year Lessons From the Lunchroom was ready for distribution. I had written about Lucas in the book (he is the third hug on page nine) so we discussed books.  Then came the idea to make a handwriting activity book. So the last several months we've been working on that. We've learned about planning, budgeting, persevering, and even handwriting!

We’ve used fonts to illustrate handwriting styles and activities to encourage small motor skill practice. 

As Lucas says, “I’m a kid and I know what a kid wants in a book. I’m supper happy about this book.”

As a retired home school teacher of five, I love a unit study with real-life applications, and this has been fun!

If you are interested in some copies, please contact us.

© Cynthia Einselen 2018