Connecting with God

Do you ever wonder why you are here?

Do you ever do things that make you feel uncomfortable or dirty or sorry?

Do you ever try to fill an emptiness inside with things that only distract but don’t satisfy?

Be encouraged, God is calling you! He made you in His image, to want his friendship, to desire His approval.

Be encouraged, God has made a way for us to connect with Him! He sent part of Himself to earth as a man—His son Jesus Christ—so we could see how to live. And then, because He knew we could never get everything right, He let His son take our punishment  for the things we do wrong. Jesus did that by dying on a cross. He forgives us, He cleans us, and He removes our guilt. That’s amazing! He loves us a lot. 

Does He insist we connect with Him? No, we may choose to believe or not. If we choose to believe, He sends His Spirit to connect us to Him, to fill the emptiness, to give us purpose. And He gives us a life that lasts forever with Him.

Are you interested? If you want to have that connection, tell God that you do. You can speak to Him in your heart or out loud. You can tell Him your worries and your ugly secrets. Ask Him to forgive you and to give you a new life in Him. Since Jesus took our punishment on the cross, He became our Savior and you can have a relationship with God. Believe it and live it!

God has given us an amazing “instruction manual” in the Bible. To get to know Him, begin to read it right away. You can talk to Him about everything you read. The book of the Bible called “John” is an excellent place to begin. It tells about the mission and life of Jesus Christ. 

© Cynthia Einselen 2018