How did a church camp come about that would both encourage girls in their faith walk and 

celebrate the writings and times of Laura Ingalls Wilder? 

Over one hundred years ago a camp meeting grounds grew up in Michigan at a place called Crystal Springs. A large meeting hall, called the Tabernacle, was built. People added a variety of cottages around the Tabernacle so they would have a place to stay during their gatherings. 

As the years went by the meetings gave way to more modern vacations and the site began to be used as a summer church camp. One day a camp director arrived whose wife loved the Little House Books. She looked at the historic church camp site, then looked at her love for the Laura books, and wondered, why not put the two together? So she and a friend did just that and Laura Ingalls Wilder Church Camp was born. 

Then she passed along that special week of camp to someone else. And that person wondered, could we put what we do at camp on paper so others could have Laura Camps, too? And that was me, Cindy Einselen. 

Laura Camp has ended at Crystal Springs but it is just beginning in your neighborhood
                                                                        — when you make it happen!

Laura Camp is a time for:

  • studying the Bible, 
  • visiting the Little House Books, and 
  • doing activities with a pioneer flavor.

Laura Campers will make journals for Bible study notes, read in the Little House Books, and do as many fun activities as possible.

See the curriculum page for more details.

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